Friday Night Links

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Yesss, it’s almost the weekend, which means it’s time for another Friday Night Links. It’s Easter weekend and we’ll be spending it doing eggs hunts, face painting, and meeting the Easter bunny. Ryder has no idea what’s in store, he’s gonna have so much fun! What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

Onto a completely different topic…I am super excited to let you know that starting Monday, you can expect new posts from me on a more consistent basis. I should have something new up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It’s been a struggle for me with time management but I’m getting better I promise! I’m excited because we’ll be out and taking pictures this weekend so expect to see them very soon.

Hope everyone has had a great week, make it a great weekend <3

1. Here’s a helpful article on how to handle personal/intrusive questions.

2. I don’t even watch Vanderpump Rules and I’m a loyal listener to Stassi Schroeder’s podcast. I randomly came across it a few months back and now I’m hooked. Granted she might not be for everybody, but homegirl is hilarious and sarcastic and in your face. I love it. Stassi, if you’re reading this, I want to grab drinks with you and be bffs!

3. For all of us “shorties”…This is pretty much my husband on a daily basis.

4. If you ever hear an amazing song on a tv show or in a movie and want to know who sings it…go here every time.

5. There’s a lot more true crimes stories out there than just Making A Murderer.

6. My go to site for all things Los Angeles. It’s helpful whether you live here or are planning a trip to visit.

7. I’m so excited to try out something new for our game nights at home! It’s so hard to find good games for 2 players.


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